Dog Walk & K-9 Festival 2017 | Kalamazoo Humane Society
How to be a good "Walker"
Scoop your poop
Poop happens, but please don't drop and run. We'll be providing poop baggies and waste buckets all around the event areas and we appreciate your part in helping to keep the event area clean. Not only is your dog's feces a disease risk, but it's also gross.
Kalamazoo Poo Crew will be helping us keep up with the immense quantity of poop during the event!
Play nice with others
If your dog has aggression to other animals, this may not be the event for your dog. You're welcome to attend without your dog, but for the safety of others, your dog should be left at home. If you choose to bring a dog that may have anxiety or aggression when overwhelmed, please make sure you're keeping an eye on your dog's warning signs during the event.
Control your dog; control your children
Who doesn't love dogs and kids? Part of what makes this event so great is that it caters to families! Please remember that not all dogs like to be pet by strangers. Make sure you've given your kiddos the DO's and DONT's and always ask an owner before you pet a strange dog.
Dog Licenses
Michigan Law requires that all dogs 4 months and older are wearing a current dog license. We aren't checking, but please make sure you have a current Rabies vaccine and dog license.