Some are, but KHS

 is not one of them. 

 Aren't all humane

societies shelters?

KHS is an independent, private nonprofit. We are unaffiliated with the Humane Society of the United States, Michigan Humane or any other humane agency. Some humane societies offer sheltering and adoption services, and others like ours do not. Sometimes, we work with other humane agencies when our help is needed.


Southwest Michigan is home to many amazing shelters and rescues to adopt a pet from. 

When choosing where to go to start your search for a new pet, you may hear things like "kill shelter" or "no-kill" shelter.  Do not let these labels limit where you look for a pet.  Learn more about what these labels mean (and don't mean). 

Municipal Shelter

A municipal shelter may be referred to as a "kill" shelter because they may euthanize animals due to health issues, behavior issues, lack of shelter space, owner request, court order, or any other reason that makes a pet unadoptable.

These shelters are open admission, which means they have to accept every animal that enters.  These shelters cannot turn anything way, and they are usually operated by local government as a public service and are funded with tax-payers dollars.

These are wonderful places to adopt a pet!  The cost to adopt for a municipal shelter is also usually very affordable.

Private Shelter

A private shelter may be referred to as a "no-kill" shelter because they generally do not euthanize pets.  To be considered "no-kill", a shelter must euthanize less than 10% of incoming animals.

These shelters are limited admission, which means they pick and choose which animals they accept, and can turn animals away.  They are usually operated by an animal rescue or welfare organization and are funded by donations, grants, and other sources of nonprofit funding.

These are wonderful places to adopt a pet!  The cost to adopt may be higher than a shelter pet and is usually based on the cost of care.  These shelters are primarily nonprofit and adoption fees help rescue more pets.

Watch this video to learn more about limited and open admission shelters, and how they both work to help animals.


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