Volunteer Program Update

In light of the current public health crisis caused by COVID-19, we are doing our best to keep everyone safe and protected.  The best safeguard, for now, is to practice social distancing.  To do our part, we have suspended all volunteer activities through April 10.  We will extend or lift the suspension based on the best advice of health professionals at that time. 


Thank you for the outpouring of offers to help, but the most helpful thing you can do for us is to stay healthy so that you can continue to be an active part of our volunteer team. 


If you are a new or prospective volunteer, please know that we are VERY interested in including you in future volunteer activities.  As soon as it's safe to do so, we hope to get you started with an orientation and training.


We will update this announcement as new information is known.  Thank you for your patience while we navigate these uncharted waters!


Julie Barber

Director of Community Connections/Interim Volunteer Coordinator

269-350-3116 / jbarber@kazoohumane.org

Animal Shelter Adoption Counselor

Change the lives of animals by helping them find a loving home. Once a week, KHS volunteers serve as advisors to members of the public looking to adopt a new pet, find a lost pet, or turn in an animal for adoption at the county shelter. As an adoption counselor, you help socialize the animals, making them more adoptable, and help keep them comfortable during their stay at the shelter. 

Time: Monday-Saturday; times vary
Location: Kalamazoo County Animal Services & Enforcement

KCASE Shelter Assistant

If you enjoy working hands-on with people and animals, helping at the Kalamazoo County Animal Services & Enforcement (KCASE) shelter is a rewarding and educational experience.  As a Shelter Assistant, you'll be a helping hand for the shelter staff, with activities ranging from cleaning enclosures, assisting the public, feeding and watering pets, walking dogs, brushing and bathing, and anything else the shelter staff needs help with.  Your primary purpose is to help where it's needed, which can vary from one day to the next.  Shelter Assistants are a critical part of the day to day operations at the KCASE shelter.

*4 hours of specialized training at the KCASE shelter is required for this position.  KCASE staff will approve or deny candidates for continued service after the 4 hours of training have been completed.

Days/Times:  Monday - Saturday; times vary

Cat Grooming

When cats become available for adoption, KHS volunteers can help prepare them to find a forever home by brushing them, trimming nails, cleaning them up and making them more presentable to potential adopters.  The time you spend caring for these cats is rewarded in purrs and snuggles.  Some of these cats haven't been lovingly handled in a long time, and your interaction with them is the first step toward a lifetime of love in a new home.

Days/Times:  Wednesday; 10 am - 11 am

Spay Neuter Assistant

For volunteers with veterinary background or enhanced animal handling experience, we can offer an exciting opportunity in our spay and neuter clinic.  Volunteers are needed to help for post-operative observation and care.  There is also a need to help with keeping up on laundry and cleaning to keep our clinic moving.  Help is primarily needed on cat surgery days, but there is plenty to do on dog days as well.

Specialized training is required for this position.  KHS staff will approve or deny candidates for continued service after the 4 hours of training have been completed.

Days/Times:  Monday - Thursday, rarely on Friday; times vary

Community Events

Throughout the year KHS attends events such as the Women’s Expo, Kalamazoo Pride, and other various festivals, and connects event-goers with information about KHS services, events, and volunteer opportunities. We also sell handmade crafts and other merchandise for pets and their humans, with all proceeds going to support KHS’s mission.

A great event volunteer is able to engage with a wide variety of people, answer common questions about KHS services, and represent KHS with energy, compassion and a smile.

Days/Times:  Varies

Location:  Varies

Pet Food Bank Helper

Our pet food bank gives pet owners a little relief when budgets are tight.  We can provide pet owners with enough cat or dog food and cat litter to last up to 2 weeks, preventing them from having to give up their pets when times are tough.  Pet food bank assistants are needed to help rebag pet food for distribution, assist clients in retrieving food bank items and getting it out to their vehicles (as needed).  You may also need to assist in unloading donations that are delivered to the KHS pet food bank.  No prior experience is needed, and training can be provided during your first shift. This position does require the ability to lift and carry bags of pet food and litter weighing up to 50 lbs.  There is also a lot of reaching and bending involved. 

Days/Times:  Monday - Friday; times vary

Kalamazoo Humane Society

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Phone:  (269) 345-1181

Fax:  (269) 345-1290

Email:  info@kazoohumane.org

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Office Hours:

Call us Monday-Friday 9AM to 5 PM

Closed Weekends & Major Holidays

Pet Food Bank Hours:

Tuesday & Thursday 10AM to 3PM

Surgery Appointments Check-In:

Check-in is 7:30AM to 8AM

Services by appointment only; lobby closed to the public indefinitely. 


Weather closures are posted to social media and WWMT Closings

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