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Our history is rooted in compassion.

A voice for those who cannot speak for themselves since 1897.

In 1897, concern over the mistreatment of cows prompted Cora Meiser and Nora Gause to gather 100 people and pass a hat. Each person tossed in a silver dollar, and an organization to prevent cruelty to children and animals was born.

As the years passed, other groups took on the needs of children, allowing the renamed Kalamazoo County

Humane Society to focus on animals. In 1937, it built its first shelter — later destroyed by fire — and a second on Stadium Drive in 1949, where it operated for three decades.

By 1979, the Humane Society shifted its focus from sheltering to prevention, launching its first spay/neuter assistance program. Named “Operation Fix-It” in 2002, this program has greatly reduced the number of unwanted animals in our community.

Now known as the Kalamazoo Humane Society (KHS), we’ve operated from a former bridal shop since 1997. Despite cramped conditions, KHS has continued to grow its services to include a thriving emergency pet food bank and other supportive services for people and pets in crisis. And still

the needs are growing in our region for expanded partnerships and greater access to our many services.

“This is not your grandmother’s Humane Society. Today it offers a wide, new range of services. Crucial health measures for pets and education for owners will expand significantly with the building of the Animal Care & Resource Center. Please join me in supporting this capital campaign, the next progressive step toward the caring community we aspire to be.”

- Betty Upjohn Mason
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