The Emergency Pet Food Bank is a temporary assistance program that helps pet owners provide essential supplies for pets during a short-term hardship.

When pet owners experience financial hardships, pets often suffer.


  • Owners can be faced with having to choose between food for themselves or food for their pets. 

  • In some cases, owners will substitute pet foods for human foods that pets cannot digest, leading to health problems caused by poor diet and improper nutrition.

  • Others will surrender beloved pets to shelters or rescues and in more severe instances, pets are turned loose or neglected when they can no longer be cared for.


Emergency Pet Food Bank Impact

Numbers from 2019 Program Statistics


Unique clients served in 2019


Visits to our Emergency Pet Food bank in 2019


pounds of food and cat litter distributed through the Emergency Pet Food Bank in 2019


Dog houses provided to pets living outdoors without adequate shelter.

The 2019 total distribution of 51,157 pounds included:

  • 734 cans of wet cat food

  • 250 cans of wet dog food

  • 1,666 bags of cat litter

  • 2,905 bags of dry dog food

  • 2,578 bags of dry cat food

KHS is feeding approx. 50 local cats and dogs each day!

Get help for your pets:


  • Visit our office with your ID during open hours. 

  • On your first visit, there is a form to fill out so that we can register you and your pets in the program. 

  • We can provide dry dog food, cat food and cat litter.  Other items like wet food, treats, leashes, collars and other basic pet supplies can be provided as available.

  • You will leave with supplies on your first visit.

  • If you have a special request beyond basic food and litter, please call our office at 269-345-1181 to see if your needs can be met.

During COVID-19 closure, our Emergency Pet Food Bank is available on Tuesday & Thursday from 10 AM to 3  PM.


Emergency Pet Food Bank FAQ

Who can use the Emergency Pet Food Bank?

This program is open to the public with no income or residential verification required. We do ask that applicants bring ID to get registered as a client and to each visit. If you need assistance and cannot provide ID, please visit. We can help.

Is there a delivery service?

At this time, KHS cannot deliver supplies to clients. If you can't make it to our office yourself, you may call ahead and designate someone else to pick up supplies on your behalf.

What supplies are available?

We keep dry dog and cat food, and clay cat litter stocked. Other items such as wet/canned food, treats, shampoos, brushes, leashes, collars and other pet supplies are available if they are donated on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Emergency Pet Food Bank