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Appointments & Scheduling

Staff Members:

  • Michele Beaver - Customer Service
  • Karra Larkins - Customer Service
Phone: (269) 345-1181, ext. 888 Email: Hours: Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm Closed holidays and weekends

Finance, Payments & Donor Relations

Staff Members:

  • Gail Starr - Finance
Main Line: (269) 345-1181, ext. 103 Direct Line: (269) 743-0390 Email:

Spay & Neuter

Staff Members:

  • Francesca Nielsen, DVM - Lead Veterinarian
  • Deb McFarlan, DVM - Contract Veterinarian
  • Charisse Cuyjet, DVM - Contract Veterinarian
  • Jessica Conkin - Veterinarian Assistant
  • Diane Davis - Veterinarian Assistant
  • Paulette Fenton - Veterinarian Assistant
  • Brandon Lint - Veterinarian Assistant
  • Daniel Browne - Veterinarian Assistant
  • Cynthia Miller - Veterinarian Assistant
Phone: (269) 345-1181 Our spay and neuter team members are busy caring for animals. If you have a question or concern about a pet that recently had surgery at our office, please call our main line and speak with one of our customer service staff members. If you have a veterinary question or concern that is not related to a recent surgery at our office, you will need to contact a local veterinarian or veterinary emergency service. We cannot give general veterinary advice by phone, and we do not offer a wellness clinic. Our veterinary team can only see animals for spay and neuter services by appointment. Visit our Spay & Neuter page for more information.

Marketing/Media, Outreach & Fundraising Events

Staff Members:

  • Julie Barber - Director of Community Connections
Main Line: (269) 345-1181, ext. 108 Direct Line: (269) 743-0393 Email:


Staff Members:

  • Aaron Winters - Executive Director
Main Line: (269) 345-1181, ext. 104 Direct Line: (269) 743-0399 Email:

Volunteers, Community Service & Corporate Group Projects

Staff Members:

  • Amy Stockman - Volunteer Coordinator
Main Line: (269) 345-1181, ext. 105 Direct Line: (269) 743-0382 Email:

Emergency Pet Food Bank

Main Line: (269) 345-1181 Email: The Emergency Pet Food Bank hours for donation drop-offs and client pick-ups are Tuesday and Thursday, 10 AM to 3 PM. This is a curbside service. Masks are required when interacting with our staff. If you have reusable cat litter jugs, please note that due to COVID-19, we are not using them. Cat litter will be distributed in single-use plastic bags (which we hate!), however you can recycle this plastic along with other plastic shopping bags wherever plastic bags are accepted. Visit our Emergency Pet Food Bank page for more information.

Social Media & Web

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KHS Primary Website: KHS Dog Walk & K-9 Festival Website: KHS Reverse Raffle Fundraiser Website:

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Dog Walk & K-9 Festival Website Reverse Raffle

Hours & Location

Regular Hours

Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM Closed Weekends & Major Holidays Surgery Drop-off time is 7:30AM to 8:00AM Surgery Pick-Up time is 4:00PM to 4:30PM

Holiday Closures

Weather & Emergency Closures

KHS posts all emergency and weather closures on our social media, website and the WWMT Closings. To see WWMT closures, or to sign of up for text-alterts if we close from WWMT, please visit the WWMT Closings webpage here --> As a general rule, if WMU closes, our office will also be closed. Whether or not we close, of the driving conditions are beyond what you feel safe driving in, please just call us to reschedule. We don't want our clients risking themselves and their pets if you feel you should not be driving in inclement weather or other emergency.


3661 Easy Street Kalamazoo, MI 49001 Easy Street is the first side street south of I-94 on Sprinkle Road. There is a BP gas station at the corner of Easy Street and Sprinkle Road. Our driveway starts at the dead-end of Easy Street on the right side, just across from the Econolodge.
Click here for a Google Map of our location -->


Parking is available infront of the building. There is a sign that says "Public Entrance" over the front door. If you accidentally pull around to the Staff Entrance, please return to the front of the building. Our lobby is currently closed to the public, so please obey directional signs and/or staff members when you arrive, as our services are now available curbside in our driveway.

Kalamazoo Humane Society

3661 Easy Street

Kalamazoo, MI  49001

Main Office: (269) 345-1181

Fax: (269) 345-1290

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Office Hours:

Call us Monday-Friday 9AM to 5 PM

Closed Weekends & Major Holidays

Pet Food Bank Hours:

Tuesday & Thursday 10AM to 3PM

Surgery Appointments Check-In:

Check-in is 7:30AM to 8AM

Services by appointment only; lobby closed to the public indefinitely. 


Weather closures are posted to social media and WWMT Closings

KHS Tax Exempt Number:  38-1474932 | Download our Nonprofit Letter Here