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Domestic Violence & Crisis Assistance

KHS can offer discreet sheltering for pets during a time of domestic crisis.  This referral-based service helps people with pets escape abusive or dangerous living situations.

Victims of domestic violence are less likely to leave an abuser if pets are in danger.


  • Abusers often threaten and harm household pets to hold emotional control over victims.

  • Pets are abused to punish victims for things that have upset the abuser. 

  • Working with the YWCA and other referring organizations, KHS can arrange safe and discreet housing for pets belonging to domestic violence victims to encourage them to leave abusers

  • By eliminating the threat of violence against a beloved pet, victims of domestic violence can get the help they need. 

  • Pets are reunited after safe housing has been secured, at no cost to the pet owner.

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