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State & Local Animal Laws

Use this guide to help you brush up on your animal protection laws.* The State of Michigan and local municipalities have laws and ordinances that covering everything from barking dogs to exotic animal transport. This list is not all-inclusive, but it's a great start.

*This guide is not all-inclusive. There could be additional enforceable laws and ordinances or available resources.

State Resources & Contacts

  • MI DNR Plainwell Customer Service Center
    621 North 10th St, Plainwell, MI 49080

The State of Michigan and Kalamazoo County have laws and ordinances that govern animal welfare.


Animal Enforcement Officers, Conservation Officers and other law enforcement workers are mandated to enforce these laws. Cities, townships and villages may also have their own ordinances in addition to what the State and County specify.

Animal Welfare Contacts

Kalamazoo County Animal Services & Enforcement

2500 Lake Street, Kalamazoo MI  49048


MI DNR Plainwell Customer Service Center
621 North 10th St, Plainwell, MI 49080

If you have a concern for an animal outside of Kalamazoo County, contact the Animal Control department for the county the animal is in.

Click here to find the Animal Control department nearest you

  • How can I use this service?
    Victims are referred to KHS from the YWCA, although other agencies have also referred clients to us. If you are working with the YWCA, a case worker, a police agency, or a court can validate your need by contacting our office at 269-345-1181. If you are not working with any agency but would like more information, call us at 269-345-1181, and we can assess our availability to assist on a case-by-case basis.
  • I know of someone that is being abused, and their pet is also being abused. What should I do?
    If an adult victim isn’t willing to leave, you can’t do much for them, but if pets or children are involved, you can take steps to ensure their safety. For children, please get in touch with Child Protective Services at 269-337-5046 For animals, please call Kalamazoo County Animal Services at 269-383-8775 If you live outside of Kalamazoo County, contact the Child Protective Service or Animal Control department in your jurisdiction.
  • How long will you keep my pet safe?
    The length of time for each case is different and is based on how long it takes the pet owner to find safe housing. We can hold animals based on your needs as long as you are actively looking for a place for you and your pet. If you find a friend or family member willing to accept your pet before you have found a new residence, we are happy to release the pet to someone you trust.
  • Where are the pets housed at?
    KHS works with discreet and trustworthy boarding facilities. While a pet is in our care, we do not release the location of any pets to protect the pet and the victim. No pets are housed at our facility as we are not a boarding kennel or shelter.
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