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Humane Education / Resources for Educators

From Nose to Tail: Lessons to Inspire Care and Compassion for Dogs

Elementary curriculum explores dog-related humane issues.
  • Five-lesson curriculum for grades K-2 and grades 3-5.

  • Aligned with National Education and Common Core Standards in science, math, language arts, health and social studies.

  • Incorporates character education concepts such as compassion, responsibility and empathy, and features service-learning projects aimed at helping puppy mill dogs while encouraging self-efficacy and good citizenship.

  • The five lessons (each requiring about one hour) may be spaced over a period of days or weeks.

  • This is a free program, but all donations are appreciated!

Activity Book

Download IFAW's Dogs and Cards activity book for fun animal crafts, games, origami, facts and information on cat and dog care for your youngest students.

Coloring Pages

Teach your students about all different kinds of animals and have some fun coloring with PETA's coloring sheets with interesting facts about each animal

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