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5 exciting updates from KHS that you need to know about now!

Hey friends! We have a lot of exciting news to share and there is no better day to share it than Hump-Day! A little mid-week positivity is just what we all need right now.

Exciting update #1

A few months back we reached out to a local animal lover, Dave Coverly, who is also the artist behind Speedbump Comics as well as the official illustrator for Bark Box. He created a set of adorable doodles for us to use on our post-surgery handouts! The handouts are so important for ensuring a successful recovery of our spay and neuter patients. The illustrations are especially wonderful for clients facing literacy or language barriers. We'll also be incorporating the drawings into our spay and neuter web pages and social media posts. Thank you, Dave!

Exciting update #2

We're really moving on our spay and neuter surgeries! Our waiting list is getting smaller and we've opened up a portion of available spots for online appointment requests (e-apps). We were able to seamlessly add the e-apps feature to connect to our clinic software. You can give it a try here -->

Exciting update #3

We are ready for your feral and community cats! Please call our office at 269-345-1181 to make an appointment for Thursday, May 20th. We have openings for up to 75 feral cats. Our feral/community cat program includes an ear-tip, 1-year rabies vaccine and the spay or neuter surgery for only $40. All ferals and community cats must arrive in a live-trap, and there needs to be a safe, quiet place available for them to recover. They cannot be let loose immediately after surgery. Call us for details at 269-345-1181.

Exciting update #4

The Dog Walk & K-9 Festival will be virtual for 2021! We're having a MAKING TRACKS FOR ANIMALS virtual walk fundraising through the month of July. The website, or will be updated with more information about registering and how to help us raise funds soon.

We are actively looking for sponsors and community partners for this event! Please let us know if your business or your employer would like to participate as a corporate team or event sponsor. We have a lot of incredible ideas to put your business in the spotlight while we all raise money to help local animals.

Exciting update #5

We've just added a new Site Search feature on our website! It's available from any page, right at the top to make it easier for you to find the answers you need! If you can't find an answer, just use the chat feature to ask us directly!

Have a great rest of your week, friends! We hope this post finds you all well, and as excited as we are for the future of KHS!


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