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Clinic and Comfort Services Now Scheduling!

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

We are so excited to share that our highly anticipated veterinary services are now available for scheduling! The intent of the Animal Care & Resource Center has always been to address the growing need for access to veterinary care in southwest Michigan, particularly for those who don't believe they can afford preventative care for their pets. Missing out on essential prevention can lead to poor health and expensive treatments down the road. Our new services have flexible payment options with an office fee of just $45 to be seen by our compassionate veterinary team, working under the expert leadership of Dr. Kati Loeffler.

Our Veterinary Services covers everything from new puppy and kitten care through the heartbreaking end-of-life decisions pet owners may be facing. Our goal is to keep pets happy and healthy and to offer humane comfort services when that time comes. We have in-house diagnostic and lab capabilities, clean and enhanced exam rooms, a caring team of animal welfare and veterinary professionals, and a passion for helping pet owners provide the best possible care, even when finances may be limited.

Our Comfort Service offers humane euthanasia and cremation options. All euthanasia and cremation are done in-house, and our Client Services team is ready to help you through this time of transition with patience, kindness, and understanding.

Our program is open to the public; however, we encourage all pet owners with a veterinarian-client relationship at a local veterinary practice to continue with the vet you already have. Our goal is not to bring in clients from existing vets but to reach out to the community that previously could not afford routine vet care and treatments.

We are not seeking to compete with existing vets for clients, only to provide access to care to those who have been going without. Having a relationship with your veterinarian is invaluable, especially if you experience a veterinary emergency or your pet sees a decline in health. If you are considering using our clinic as a sign of support for KHS, please know that the best thing you can do for your pet is to continue using the service you have if they are within your means to do so.

If you are without a current vet or feel veterinary care is beyond your means, please call us for an appointment at (269) 345-1181. See the attachments for our current price lists for clinic and comfort services. Our website is being updated, and more information will be available in the coming days.

KHS Cat Wellness Menu
Download PDF • 85KB

KHS Dog Wellness Menu
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KHS Dog Spay & Neuter Pricing
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KHS Cat Spay & Neuter Pricing
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KHS Comfort Service Pricing
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