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Where to find straw

Michigan law states that all outdoor dogs require a doghouse that is an enclosed structure with a roof and of appropriate dimensions for the breed and size of the dog. The second half of the shelter requirement states that the doghouse shall have dry bedding when the outdoor temperature is or is predicted to drop below freezing.

Blankets and towels are not the best choice. They're bulky, absorb and retain moisture and are really hard to clean and keep dry. They can also be shredded and ingested by dogs, which can cause serious health issues.

A better choice is straw, which is a great insulator and is easily replaced when it's wet or dirty. Some local farms sell straw, but that can be hard to find unless you know someone selling it. Craigslist can be a great place to find some of the local farms that are selling excess straw!

You can also find straw at these local retailers:

If you have an outdoor pet and need assistance with shelter or straw, please contact our office at 269-345-1181 and ask us about how we can help you!

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