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4 Ways to Avoid Spending an Arm and a Paw on Pup-Friendly Summer Travels

Thinking of traveling with your dog and worried you’ll rack up extra expenses? Well, you should definitely think again! With more and more people hitting the road with furry family members in tow, it’s easier than ever to plan a trip with your pup while also planning for savings. The key really is planning, so use tips and tricks like the ones below.

Get Great Deals on Dog-Friendly Stays and More!

When your travel plans include overnight stays, you need to do some homework to find accommodations that will work for your dog and your budget. Thankfully, sites like Groupon make the task easy with special travel deals, hotel discounts and activity savings that you can search by location. You can rack up even more savings by looking for Groupon codes and promotions before you checkout. Some of these deals may even offer cash back on your trip activities and pet-friendly bookings, which will give you more money for treats and snacks along the way. You can book with top pet-friendly hotels on Groupon, or you can perform your own search for special deals on the dog-friendliest chains, such as Kimpton or Best Western hotels.

Find Second-Hand Travel Gear for You and Your Dog

If this is your first big trip, stocking up on essentials for you and your pet can really put a dent in your wallet. Not only do you need luggage to haul all of your stuff, but you may also need crates and other supplies to help your dog travel in comfort. You can definitely look for the online coupons mentioned above to buy these products brand new, or you can check out second-hand apps to score amazing deals on gently-used travel and adventure gear. This is an especially handy trick if you plan on doing any camping with your pet, since you can typically find used outdoor essentials, like tents and backpacks, in good condition, and you can also find these items at much lower prices than if you were buying new.

Shop Online for Products to Keep Your Travels Safe

You can definitely score some amazing deals on used crates and kennels to make traveling with pets easier. There are, however, a few dog travel essentials you should pick up brand new. Try shopping online for these items, and use the same tools you used before to find promo codes and additional discounts. Some items you may want to buy ahead of time include a car seat for your pup, as well as harnesses to keep your dog secure on walks. Properly-sized harnesses are always a nice travel option because they tend to be more comfy for long trips, and dogs are less likely to slip out of them if they’re scared by strange sights or sounds. As an added layer of safety, don’t forget to put together and bring a first aid kit for your pup.

Pack Some Homemade Treats for All Family Members

If you’ve traveled with kids or a big group before, you know that bringing your own snacks is a simple way to trim your budget. Well, the same trick that works for people can be perfect for pets as well. So if you are planning on taking a road trip with your dog, plan on packing a cooler or some grocery bags full of dog-friendly treats. Some human foods that can be safely fed to dogs include carrots, sliced apples (core and seeds removed), and small amounts of peanut butter. You can enjoy these healthy, inexpensive snacks as well, or you can even try your hand at baking homemade dog treats to bring along. Having treats handy can be helpful for getting your dog’s attention quickly and can also be useful for reinforcing positive travel behaviors.

The summer travel season underway, so think about planning some fun trips with your pup! Bringing your dog along is a great way to strengthen your bond together, plus it can be pretty simple when you plan ahead with the tips above. Before you know it, you’ll be a doggy traveling pro and you’ll also be a pro at saving money along the way.

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