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Do Not Leave Your Pet in a Parked Car

Let me repeat that: Do NOT leave your pet in a parked car!

But, what if the car is in the shade? NO!

But, what if the car has windows lowered? NO!

But, what if I provided water? NO!

But, what if I know my dog is happy to go for car rides? NO!

But, what if I do it all the time and my dog hasn't had any problems in the past? NO!

But, what if I only plan to be gone for a few minutes? NO!

Well, certainly it's ok if I leave the air conditioner on? NO!!!!

Seriously, the answer is no. Just no. There should be no exceptions. If you are going somewhere that the pet is not welcome or cannot join you out of the vehicle, the answer will always be "No!".

If I've said it once, I've said it 1,213,876,723 times. I write about it every summer. I share it on social media. I have responded to the calls in superstore parking lots. As a former Animal Control Officer I have taken the dog, I have left the notice on the now empty vehicle, I have filed the charging request with the Prosecutor's office, I have shown up in court and I testified against it. All of that, and still there are so many people I have not reached.

Do not be the person that thinks it's harmless. The one who, even after seeing it on the news, and possibly even judging other dog owners for doing the EXACT SAME THING, you still do it because you do it differently or, you've somehow justified why it's OK for you to take your beloved pooch out on the town, just so he/she can sit in a stifling hot, suffocating car and wait for you to return.

Heat is a killer. Dogs cannot sweat like humans. They are wearing fur, and can only release body heat by panting and through the pads of their paws. Panting in a hot car will only increase the heat inside, and as the ambient temperature inside the car rises (which can increase by 15° in just 10 minutes!), the panting can turn in to respiratory distress. Paws cannot release heat when they're resting on hot fabric or leather. Once your dog's body temperature has increased to 106° F, serious problems, including death, can occur.

It's common sense. It's illegal. It can kill your dog. It's 100% preventable.

Do not leave your dog, or any pets, in a parked car.

Download our newest infographic, Heat, Cars & Your Dog today! Feel free to share, print and distribute. Get the full sized image here --> Click here for infographic or copy&paste this link:

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