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Dog Licenses due March 1!

March 1st is looming, which means you have less than 1 week left to get your dog license if you're a Kalamazoo County resident! If you aren't in Kalamazoo County and don't know what to do, contact the Animal Control or Treasurer of your county for instructions.

Dog licenses are required in every county in the State of Michigan. There could be late fees or even citations for not complying. All dogs 4 months of age or older are required to be rabies vaccinated and licensed.

Don't stress out! Kalamazoo County has made is super easy for you to renew an existing license on their website. You can also download the license form and mail in your information. Many area vets and village/township/city halls are also selling the tags if you don't want to make the trek to the beautiful Kalamazoo County Animal Services & Enforcement building.

Get started on their website for a list of fees and info on how to get registered or renewed -->

If you are heading their way, consider bringing an extra bag of pet food or some items from their wish list!

Please keep in mind that a microchip tag, personal ID tag and vaccination tag DOES NOT count as a dog license. The dog license tag must be on your dog at all times. Even service dogs are required to have a license. If a dog is caught without a license tag on, anyone in the household aged 18 years or older can be held responsible, even if it isn't their dog (housemates and parents of adult children, this applies to you!).



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