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Kalamazoo Humane Society promotes compassion for ALL; not just animals

Every morning I come to work, some of our staff have already been working since before we're even open to check in our surgery clients for the day and get a start on a long day of spays and neuters.  I always check our social media to see what's happening around town, find out if anyone left us any messages that need responding to, and to keep up on anything we should be aware of before I dig in to whatever I need to get done.

As the Community Connections Director, nothing starts my day off better than positive feedback or interaction with a client.  It tells me we're on the right track, and I love to know that we were able to help someone or an animal.  Today started like any other, and when I saw we had a new check-in on FaceBook I was so excited because that usually gives me an opportunity to reassure someone their pet is doing well in surgery, or to thank someone for visiting.  Today, however, was not a typical check-in.

I read a heartfelt and painfully honest post from a mother who wants you to know that your words can hurt.  After experiencing an aggressive encounter with another one of our clients in our lobby this morning, Judith McNees took to social media with an open post to the woman that lashed out at her and her child.

Her message struck a chord with me, not just because I'm also a mother, but because I work here, and because compassion for all living things is such a huge part of our mission.  For something like this to happen in our lobby is so out of place.  Our office has always welcomed everyone from all walks of life.  Just the very nature of our work brings us people at their most vulnerable.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind people to be kind.  Be kind to animals and be kind to others.  Just.  Be.  Kind.

Updated post from Judith McNeeds clarifies that it was not KHS staff or volunteers that mistreated her this morning:

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