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There's an App for That

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Between medications, exercise, and emergency contact information, it can be hard to keep track of it all. But there's good news! There are apps out there than can keep you organized and prepared. Whether you're in need of a wildlife rehabilitator, pet sitter, or health tracker, the app store has them all. Luckily, we've compiled the best ones for you.

Health/First Aid:

  • Pet First Aid- American Red Cross: Access medical advice in cases of emergencies. You can also educate yourself so you're prepared if an emergency ever occurs. This resource is for stabilization purposes only and you should always contact a vet ASAP.

  • Animal Poison by ASPCA: Unfortunately, there are many foods, plants, and household hazards that are poisonous to pets. This app identifies hazards and their symptoms for dogs, cats, birds, and horses. If your pet shows symptoms, seek veterinary care ASAP.

  • ASPCA Pet Health Insurance: Purchase pet insurance and submit claims quickly right through the app.

  • PetCoach by PETCO: Get free veterinary and behavior advice from verified professionals, 24/7. For every type of pet.

  • VitusVet Pet Medical Records: Keep track of your pet's medical records, refill medications, and share/request records (if your vet is a part of the VitusVet network). In partnership with Nationwide© Pet Insurance, you can also submit a claim right through the app.

  • PawPrint - Pet Health Tracker: Keep track of your pet's medical records, feeding instructions, and create appointment and medication reminders. You can even request your official medical records.

  • PetPace: Monitor your pet's health and vital signs with this app and the PetPace Smart Collar.

  • Pet Diabetes Tracker: Stay on top of your cat or dog's diabetes.


  • PoochPlay: Perfect for overweight or unhealthy dogs, this app allows you to track your dog's diet, weight and physical activity.

  • Wooftrax: Use this app every time you walk your dog and earn money for local rescues!


  • Puppr - Dog Training & Tricks: This app includes step-by-step video and photo instructions and a built-in clicker. Track your dog's training and collect badges as you master tricks. App is free to download with $9.99/month or $95.99/year subscriptions.

  • Dogo - Dog Training & Clicker: Train your dog yourself or ask experts for some extra help. Create daily reminders and submit video exams to pass training. You can upgrade to premium content for $15.99/month, $95.99/year or $169 for lifetime access.

Pet Sitting:

  • Rover: Find pet sitters close to you! Filter sitters based on availability, location, and services offered. Easily message potential sitters through the app, book your fave, and pay right through the app.


  • Pet Finder: Find your new furrever friend right through this app! Search available animals by location, animal type, age, size and breed. Pets are available from individuals and local rescues.

Horse Specific:

  • Equilab Equestrian Tracker: This app helps riders reach their goals with their horses. Connect with your equestrian team, organize your calendar, and share your position live when riding.

  • Horse Side Vet Guide $4.99: Provides info about equine health for when you notice symptoms. This guide contains videos and helps you make better decisions about your horse's health.

  • Horse Medical Agenda $4.99: This app enables you to keep track of all of your horse's health information.


  • Animal Help Now!: Directs anyone in the United States who encounters a wildlife emergency to the nearest help, 24/7. Use it for orphaned or injured wildlife.

We encourage you to download the app (or apps) that best fit your needs.

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