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KCASE Takes in 33 Cats Overnight

KCASE has cats and kittens looking for immediate homes. The shelter had recently shared that they were full, and were actively reaching out to local rescue groups and potential adopters to help get adoptable cats out of the shelter. While already bursting at the seams of the new and vastly improved $5 million facility that just opened to the public in November, 33 cats were brought in overnight on December 17th.

The cats were all from one location and are available for adoption. 31 of them are adults and 2 are very young kittens. The majority are a beautiful blue-grey and 4 of them are black. All 33 cats were found in only 3 cages at the time that the KCASE Animal Enforcement Officer arrived, with up to 17 in a single 18x24 crate. The circumstances surrounding the intake of the cats is part of a pending investigation, but we have been told that the cats are socialized and appear to be in good health.

To see a list of available cats at KCASE, check their PetFinder page here -->

You can find the KCASE shelter at 1316 Lamont Ave, Kalamazoo, 49048

Click here for driving directions -->

Timely spay and neuter procedures could have prevented this many cats from accumulating in one home. Many of the cats have extra toes and they all have many of the same physical characteristics, making it likely that these cats are all related.

(Pictured above: 10 of the 33 cats were altered prior to adoption at the Kalamazoo Humane Society on 12/18/19.)

If you have cats that need to be spayed or neutered, please contact us for information about our low-cost spay and neuter program. If you find our rates are still out of your budget, ask us about volunteering in exchange for credit toward your pet's surgery!

The Kalamazoo Humane Society has altered over 75,000 cats and dogs since 2002, preventing untold tens-of-thousands of unwanted cats and dogs in SW Michigan. You can also help by sponsoring a spay or neuter surgery or making a donation to our spay & neuter services.


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