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Shopping for Dog Lovers

Written by guest blogger Jessica Brody,

Got someone on your gift list who is in love with her dog? You’re in luck. Dog lovers are relatively easy to shop for because they always need new gear for their dogs. Here are some of the many things your dog lover will treasure.

A dog bed

A memory foam dog bed with a foam bumper is a great gift. The dog may well end up sleeping better than his owner. New research shows that people who sleep in a room with one dog sleep better than people who sleep with no dog. The trick is: the dog needs to have his own bed. People who share their beds with dogs have sleep disruptions that outweigh the benefits.

Be sure you:

  • Make sure there is a good space in your friend’s house or apartment for a dog bed. If there simply isn’t enough floor space, buy another gift.

  • Get the right size bed. Too big is much better than too small.

  • Be sure the bedding material will not aggravate the allergies of the dog or his human.

Recycled wine bottle candles

Even the best dog owners don’t always love the way their houses smell. Dogs are wonderful companions, but they leave an odor behind on fabrics, especially bedding.

If the dog lover on your list already uses air fresheners or candles, consider buying her a set of recycled wine bottle candles. This great gift:

  • is original and crafty.

  • reuses resources. Since many pet owners are also environmentalists, they love to recycle or buy recycled art.

  • is so much prettier and better smelling that those installed air fresheners.

Dog coat

Some dogs, like huskies and bichon frises, have ample fur to keep them warm. Other, shorter haired dogs may need a fleece coat and rain jacket to get them through the winter. The best test is whether your friend’s dog shivers on a cold day and looks miserable. Dogs should enjoy the outdoors at almost any time. The right dog coat could make an important difference, especially if the dog’s owner is outdoorsy.

Here’s a short list of dogs most in need of coats:

  • They are both skinny and super thin coated.

  • Short-legged dogs like bassets, corgis, and dachshunds.

  • Older dogs, eight or more in years.

  • Dogs with health issues, especially diabetes.

GPS collar clip with charger

The dog owner’s worst nightmare is a lost dog. Unfortunately, microchips are of limited value. Mostly they are used by veterinarians to return lost dogs to their owners. But what if no good samaritan steps forward to take your dog to the nearest vet?

The gift of a GPS collar clip will allow your friend to track his dog’s location without having to call every pound and veterinarian in an effort to locate him. This gift also:

  • Tells the owner how much exercise his dog has gotten.

  • Tells the owner the precise locations of his dog throughout the day.

  • Keeps dog walkers and daycare personnel honest.

Dog water bottle

It might seem a little over the top, but not if your dog lover takes his dog everywhere. Dogs need to drink, but human water bottles are not contoured to let a dog easily drink from them. And some dog lovers might balk at sharing their water bottle, no matter how much they love Fido.

A dog water bottle is designed to accommodate the shape of a dog’s muzzle. So the dog lover on your list knows that his dog has gotten a real drink and not just splashed a lot of water on the ground. This is a great gift for:

  • People who take their dogs on vacation.

  • People who take their dogs camping or hiking.

  • People who take their dogs to cafes and parks.

Shopping for the dog lovers in your life is a creative and fun endeavor. Use your imagination and enjoy the experience!

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